Watch this documentary to see people discovering Jesus

There was a documentary on TV about old order Amish on the BBC last week.

There have been a few Amish tv shows on this past year, but having access to the old order community is utterly unique – the family that were being filmed faced the possibility of ex-communication.

You need to watch the whole programme but its amazing. The family are part of a sub-community who call themselves Christian-Amish, basically they’ve started reading the Bible and questioning parts of their religion… primarily its about the gospel! They’re discovering that a fulfilled life is not about your lifestyle but its all about Jesus. – Thats a paraphrase of what the father actually said. Its amazing to hear these people declare truths about Jesus and how we are to live because you can see the risk their taking… at one point one of women gets quite upset because she knows that once the programme is broadcast they’ll be excommunicated for following what the Bible says and making changes to their lives.

But they were agreeing to be filmed in order to forward the gospel to all nations, thats what they said. They were baptised when they were young, into the Amish community, but have been secretly baptised again into Jesus… Thats amazing.

Its so encouraging to see these brothers and sisters taking real risks for the sake of the gospel. That must be somewhat what it was like to be be first century Jew deciding to follow Jesus.


Here’s the link

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6 Responses to Watch this documentary to see people discovering Jesus

  1. Thanks for sharing about our friends David & Miriam Lapp and their new life’s in Christ

    • jim lockey says:

      Thanks for your response, I’ve just been looking around the Plain New Life website as a result. Its a great ministry. It sounds cheesy – but I’m going to praying for you guys now.

      • Marion says:

        me too – I watched it yesterday..(and wept through a lot of it, thanking God for them and praying for them)
        me and my husband (we are Marion and Dave – similar :)), could not be in more different surroundings i.e. we lived in the middle of a concrete city, B’ham, and now on further out of it, and do not dress differently or anything external etc, BUT share the same Spirit and similar experience, and feelings (although in a very different context).

      • Marion, I will be praying that God gives you & your husband much strength & wisdom

      • thanks for the prayers Jim

  2. Marion says:

    thanks Andy – we (eventually) left the institutionalised congregation in 2002. (Learnt so many hard lessons before and since then).
    I do love and admire those who can remain, if they can be used to change. (I feel there may be a time limit with those of us who have tried – as faith, itself, (which is more precious than gold), can be drained in these circumstances, and much healing can be needed afterwards).
    I pray for their strengthening.
    I have sent (via Lynn, the documentary producer), a supportive message to Miriam & Dave assuring of my love/His love and my prayer for their family,

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